Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris

Rabu, 13 April 2011
Latihan 5

1. A: When/What time did you get up this morning ?
B: At 7:30
2. A: Where you get lunch today ?
B: At the cafetaria.
3. A: What/when time did you lunch ?
B: At 12:15
4. A: Why you eat in cafetaria ?
B: Because the food is good
5. A: Where your aunt and uncle live ?
B: In chicago
6. A: When you going to visit your aunt and uncle ?
B: Next week
7. A: what/when time you will get home ?
B: Around six
8. A: Where is george going to study ?
B: At the library
9. A: Why George studies at the library ?
B: Because it`s quite
10.A: Where i can catch a bus ?
B: At that corner
11.A: What/when time you have to leave ?
B: Ten o`clock
12.A: Where was you living ?
B: In Japan

Latihan 1

1. A: Do you know my brother ?
B: No, I don`t
2. A: Does jane eats lunch at the cafetaria every day ?
B: Yes, She does
3. A: Does That pen belonge to you ?
B: Yes, Jane Does
4. A: Are The students speak english well in this class ?
B: Yes, They are
5. A: Did You sleep well last night ?
B: Yes, I did
6. A: Did Ann and Jim came to class yesterday ?
B: No, they didn`t
7. A: Are You studying your grammar book ?
B: Yes, I am
8. A: Are The children watching tv ?
B: No, The aren`t
9. A: Are Tim Wilson is in your astronomy class ?
B: Yes, He is
10.A: Was it foggy yesterday ?
B: No, It wasn`t
11.A: Will You be at home tonight ?
B: No, I won`t
12.A: Is Jason going to work tomorrow ?
B: No, Jason isn`t

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