Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris

Rabu, 13 April 2011
Latihan 5

1. A: When/What time did you get up this morning ?
B: At 7:30
2. A: Where you get lunch today ?
B: At the cafetaria.
3. A: What/when time did you lunch ?
B: At 12:15
4. A: Why you eat in cafetaria ?
B: Because the food is good
5. A: Where your aunt and uncle live ?
B: In chicago
6. A: When you going to visit your aunt and uncle ?
B: Next week
7. A: what/when time you will get home ?
B: Around six
8. A: Where is george going to study ?
B: At the library
9. A: Why George studies at the library ?
B: Because it`s quite
10.A: Where i can catch a bus ?
B: At that corner
11.A: What/when time you have to leave ?
B: Ten o`clock
12.A: Where was you living ?
B: In Japan

Latihan 1

1. A: Do you know my brother ?
B: No, I don`t
2. A: Does jane eats lunch at the cafetaria every day ?
B: Yes, She does
3. A: Does That pen belonge to you ?
B: Yes, Jane Does
4. A: Are The students speak english well in this class ?
B: Yes, They are
5. A: Did You sleep well last night ?
B: Yes, I did
6. A: Did Ann and Jim came to class yesterday ?
B: No, they didn`t
7. A: Are You studying your grammar book ?
B: Yes, I am
8. A: Are The children watching tv ?
B: No, The aren`t
9. A: Are Tim Wilson is in your astronomy class ?
B: Yes, He is
10.A: Was it foggy yesterday ?
B: No, It wasn`t
11.A: Will You be at home tonight ?
B: No, I won`t
12.A: Is Jason going to work tomorrow ?
B: No, Jason isn`t

New Technologi

Selasa, 12 April 2011

Latest information technology developments this time remarkable. A group of scientists in information technology in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has found a paper-thin screen. This screen can also be bent and rolled up like a plain paper without the slightest damage. So the result of computer technology is able to put together with newspaper to display moving images like posters live in the Harry Potter films. The monitor is named FlexUPD thin.

Not only that, this latest technology will also be expected to reduce the weight and size e-reader and tablet PCs. Thin screen is claimed to be integrated with some of the latest screen technologies such as LCD, LED, even OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes).

ITRI findings of this latest technology has earned the gold medal in the Wall Street Journal's 10th annual Tech Innovation Awards 2010. ITRI is a team of scientists known as the best information technology, last year they also won the Innovation Award for discoveries FleXpeaker, paper-thin loudspeakers. FlexUPD patents now held by AU Optronics Corporation of Taiwan's ITRI funders as well.

If viewed from a very thin thickness and combined with the latest printing techniques and layout, it will be possible for FlexUPD to 'attached' to the newspaper to display live images or movie-related news was presented in the paper. This is certainly a big step for communication technology. FlexUPD electronic structure is very sophisticated. Anatomy of the world's thinnest screen is composed of layers of micro-film transistors that are attached to a sheet of flexible material. So that the screen is not rigid and can have a level fleksib ilitas like paper.

The idea of development FlexUPD itself arises from the trivial case, namely when one of the scientists ITRI see a chef who is making a thin pancake and threw threw the skillet. Now the challenge for them is how to make the results of this latest technology can be mass produced and inexpensive for the community. When will FlexUPD can be applied in real, like to play games for example? we wait for the next latest information technology developments.