The Position of Manager in The Company

Minggu, 20 Februari 2011
The manager is the important person in the company. He is claimed can execute the company very well. Besides that, the manager must have to lead his subordinates to do the best for the company. If the manager didn`t work very well, so the company can`t execute and finally can be bankrupt. It`s not easy to be a manager in the company.

To be a manager you must have very high intelligence, because you must make a great decision quickly when the company in trouble. The manager must have a good leadership performance to lead many person in a company in order to can compete in the market. Besides that, wisdom and discipline is the important things which someone must have to be a manager.

The manager is not work by himself. He gets many helps from the people in the company. He can discuss the problem and find the great solution together so that the problem can be solved. The manager have the responsibility to his the company`s leader, the manager must take care of the company and do that carefully. One mistake can be the big problem for the company.

Considered that, don`t be afraid if you want to be a manager. It`s difficult but didn`t mean you can`t do that. You must have hard willingness and hardworking. Study hard and discipline can give you chance to be great manager. If you have been to be a manager, you must to be nice person for the members of the company.

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